Milestone Outerwear
Founded in 2011, 34 Heritage has evolved into the preferred denim brand for the discerning man. Every jean company is known for making a great “32×32,” but many fail to address men whose bodies fall outside that perfect proportion. 34 Heritage delivers progressive and sophisticated design, incorporating perfected modern and classic fits for gentlemen of various shapes and sizes. Top quality materials and exceptional handcrafted details are our hallmark. This is where 34 Heritage continuously delivers to an elite audience of discerning men, building a loyal following of leading men’s stores. 34 Heritage finds our inspiration in the lifestyles of professional men from their meeting at the Sky Club to a deluxe weekend planned around a Concours d’Elegance.

Denim, “Double Duty” – worn dressy or dressed down.

A shift from basics to fashion denim is trending with new slimmer silhouettes, like tailored straight legs. Your baggy jeans are dead. Try the new slimmer shapes in coloured denim. For the “Denim-Heads”: yes, we have selvedge!

BRAX Feel Good

In BRAX’s 126 year history, the company has evolved from trouser specialists to an integrated outfit brand. We specialize in quality craftsmanship and our products meet the highest standards for quality and fit.

We believe that offering first-class products will make BRAX the most successful European brand for premium casual clothing.


Traditional selvedge denim is made with indigo dyed cotton, heavier in weight, and meant to be worn raw. Woven by authentic, traditional looms, the natural edge of any selvedge fabric has a clean finish and is much narrower in width than non-selvedge fabrics. This makes it more expensive to produce, but creates a much more detailed and refined woven denim.

We’re dedicated to preserving the rich history and authenticity of selvedge denim, while considering today’s fast-paced lifestyle: how can we create a true selvedge pant without compromising movement, style or comfort?